The Members Project: American Express Rallying Members To Do Some Good For The World

Just found out about this program from American Express– this is how it works:

1. American Express rounds up card members to join. For each member, AMEX will donate $1 to The Member’s Project.
2. Members read, rate, and discuss the projects submitted by fellow Cardmembers.
3. Members are encouraged to submit projects or ideas.
4. Members vote for the winning idea.

Here’s their official copy:


Introducing The Members Project, an exciting new initiative that brings American Express® Cardmembers together to do something good for our world.

Join Cardmembers to dream up, and ultimately unite behind, one incredible idea. American Express will bring it to life with up to $5 million.

So where does the money come from? It’s all about power in numbers. For every Cardmember that registers, American Express contributes $1 — up to $5 million for that one winning idea.*

Will you send meningitis vaccines to Africa? Rebuild a school in New Orleans? Or support small organic farmers? The possibilities are endless. The decision is yours. Join The Members Project today.

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  1. Yes – i signed up the other day and was surprised by the number of entry already. That may actually be a problem – there are just too many to sort through. It might be better if a panel made the initial cut, and then members votes. Not the other way around, as is the process now.

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