AmazonSmile: A percentage of your purchase goes to donation

Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service. Support your charitable organization by starting your shopping at

Charity Donation Platform Gets A Makeover says its new look tiles package up over 20 different types of content and activity into “distributable blocks” — that are either automatically generated when users are active across the platform, or can be manually created when users want to share a piece of content (such as a link, video, or photo) with their network.

Source: Techcrunch

A social network for social good

Causes has been around for a while, previously as a property that brought audience attention to a particular cause. The new site, which recently launched will be a social network with a focus on education and charity. It hopes to get their userbase of 186 million users back on the site and engaging with the community and content. > “We believe there will be special purpose but deep social networks around specific parts of your identity” Causes CEO Matt Mahan tells me. ”We think your purpose or civic identity is a core part that’s currently underserved.”

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Carrotmob, the crowdfunding startup for social good

Carrotmob has teamed up with the investment vehicle Greenstart, which has invested $150,000 and design services into the project. Carrotmobs are like cash mobs, except community members earmark their spending at a store or restaurant for a specific social improvement like environmentally friendly lighting, bike racks or sustainably produced menu items. Many businesses want to make these positive changes but are limited by cash to get started, says co-founder Brent Schulkin. More than 100,000 Carrotmobbers have now engaged communities to encourage social change for 260 businesses to the tune of $1 million in 20 different countries. Continue reading…

TEDx talk: Solution to indoor air pollution in the third world

Reader Jordana writes:

I’m writing to share this recently broadcasted TEDx talk on how we can save two million lives a year by changing people’s cooking appliances. The BioLite HomeStove is a new technology that generates electricity from the heat of the flame. This enables the stove to power an internal fan, which cuts smoke by 95% and generates surplus electricity to charge mobile phones and home lighting. Drawing on cultural anthropology and user-centered design, the team has developed and will distribute the stove in a manner that is consistent with local cultural, religious, and culinary practices.


Facebook App Causes To Pivot, Will Now Be A Web Site For Good

The Facebook App Causes came rushing out of the gate several years ago but never lived up to all the hype.  However, word is that the company is planning to roll out major new features in the coming months, with a full launch planned for mid-March.

From TechCrunch:

The design has been streamlined from the clunky-feeling app to focus on the key aspects of Causes today. A big rotating image shows major Causes across the top of the site, with recent activity by your Facebook friends underneath. The search bar, along with links to your profile and to finding or starting a Cause are located across the top navigation bar. To their right, you’ll find an image of yourself (your Facebook photo) as well as the amount of money you’ve raised and the number of actions you’ve taken. Below on the right-hand side, you’ll see a link to your profile, your friends’ new Causes, and the Causes raising the most money on the site.

We hope that this pivot will help the Causes team deliver some needed innovation into the space.

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Donating Startup Equity To Charity: 1% Of Nothing Launches

1% of Nothing is a startup organization that sits on the intersection of technology and charitable giving.  Its purpose is to inspire founders of early-stage companies (tech startups) to donate 1% of his/her assets to a cause of their choice.

The idea is that the promise of new companies to 1% when theequity may be worth nothing, but if they are acquired, that 1% becomes a major donation. Starting today, all companies and employees alike can make a commitment to donate 1% of its assets.  1% of a startup may not be worth much, but in essence, it’s like a lottery ticket in the case where the startup find a successful exit.

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Palindrome Advisors Looks to Team Tech Executives With Nonprofits


An organization called Palindrome Advisors thinks so, and it launched a program Wednesday that aims to match executives in technology and other industries with nonprofits that need their help.

“In technology terms, think of Palindrome as a “” for industry leaders and the boards of nonprofits,” the group’s founder, Zaw Thet, told Digits in an email.

Palindrome has 100 executives signed up already — including Twitter’s president of global revenue, Adam Bain; Apple’s director of iPhone apps, Dag Kittlaus; and Ellen Siminoff, a founding executive and former senior vice president at Yahoo. The list of advisers is mostly from the tech world, but there are some outliers, including those in government, the energy business and even nightclubs.

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