Catching Up: IBM is soliciting good ideas in Africa, Digital Divide Metrics, Charity Link Love

IBM is soliciting good ideas for solving problems in Africa... As part of its three-week “ThinkPlace Challenge,” IBM wants people from around the world to submit suggestions on how it and other companies can partner with African governments, universities and local businesses to improve the economy and, subsequently, the lives of Africans.” — Link

A new study (pdf) published by the Pew Internet & American Life Project has found that there is a growing digital divide across America.” —Link

There is a charitable meme going around among search engine marketers: give non-profits some link juice! — “The rules are simple, copy the list of charities and links (grab it from whomever tags you) and add your 5 favorite charities or non-profit organizations to the end (link to their sites with anchor text of the causes they champion). Of course finish things off by tagging 5 other webmasters/bloggers and then publishing the post or the webpage.” —Link

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