Thanksgiving Day: Volunteering At Your Local Soup Kitchen

Thanksgiving Day
There is no better way to give thanks on Thanksgiving Day than to head down to your local soup kitchen to volunteer. If you live in New York City, here are some resources for you. The Bowery Mission is probably the most popular, but there are several other organizations that are well known in the city and that do good work.

The Bowery Mission in New York City: Thanksgiving Volunteer Information. [NOW FULL] You’ll need to fill out an online form to register before you can volunteer.

City Meals On Wheels: Citymeals-on-Wheels’ Senior Centers need your help on Thanksgiving Day. Help PREPARE, SERVE and DELIVER MEALS.

New York Cares: New York Cares has hundreds of different ways that you can make a difference in our city this holiday season.  Help prep and serve a Thanksgiving dinner for the clients of the Yorkville Common Pantry on the Upper East Side.  Check out there blog here. (I’ve participated in several New York Cares events and they are top notch.)

EDIT: More organizations to volunteer at on Thanksgiving Day– Feel free to send me other organizations that I can add to this list.

VolunteerNYC: Opportunities to volunteer (LINK FIXED!) – The Isaiah J. Jones Memorial Foundation will be hosting their third annual Thanksgiving dinner for our homeless. VolunteerNYC lists opportunities with various charities and nonprofits in the NYC area.

Robin HoodVolunteer opportunities.  The following organizations best match your interests. Click on the name of an organization to find out more about the available volunteer opportunities as well as who to contact to get involved.

Hope for NY– Lists many different types of volunteer opportunities in and near New York City.  Please visit there site to browse through the opportunities and RSVP for any that interest you.

  • Put together food boxes (to be delivered to the needy).  Can be done with the family. RSVP HERE.
  • The Bowery Mission.  You won’t be working directly with the homeless but since this is a big operation, there are plenty of opportunities to help with the logistics, planning, and coordination.  The catch is that you have to attend a training on Nov 15.  There are four shifts you can RSVP for: 6:30am-10am; 9:30am-1pm; 12:30pm-4pm; 3:30-7pm.



  1. Let me know if there are any soup kitchens in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Bronx that need volunteers
    for Thanksgiving.

  2. I live in Suffolk County, NY and would like to volunteer this Thanksgiving & Holiday season please let me know who might need some help….thank you.

  3. My son and I will Like to volunteer on Thansgiving day at a soup kitchen, Nursing Home,Hospital or Homeless Shelter in Queens 11420 zip where we live …please contact me…thank you…

  4. I Live in Redlands , California and would like to volunteer at a local soup kitchen but can not find one. Could you please help me.

  5. I live in northeastern NJ and would like to voluntaer my time on Thanksgiving day working at a soup kitchen, delivering meals or doing whatever I can to help others have a good day.

  6. I live in northeastern NJ and would like to volunteer my time on Thanksgiving day working at a soup kitchen, delivering meals or doing whatever I can to help others have a good day.

  7. Please let me know if there is any volunteer work available at a soup kitchen in Manhattan or Brooklyn area. I have a couple of friends interested in helping as well. Thanks!

  8. My kids (11&10yrs) & I want to volunteer at a local soup kitchen for Thanksgiving. We live in the flatbush area of brooklyn. Please let us know locations that are in our area. Thank you.

  9. Hi i would love to volunteer with handing out food. Please let me know if there is any opening in the North Jersey area. Also i drive a mimi van so i can deliver food if need be.

  10. I live in Port washington New York, My boyfriend and I would love to volunteer our time on this thanksgiving 2011. To help cook, help prepare, and help serve the needy for thanksgiving … can you please direct us to the local areas where we can help?

  11. I would like to volunteer my time on Thanksgiving to help feed the homeless, elderly, or others in need in the Nassau County area. Also – if someone directly involved with feeding those less fortunate I will purchase and deliver turkeys and trimmings in the amount of $200-250 to eldercare or homeless sites. Need advice on best place to purchase goods.

  12. My 11-yr-old and I want to volunteer Thanksgiving. I haven’t found any yet that aren’t full. Can go to Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau Counties.

  13. Hi I live in Elmont & want to volunteer tomorrow but don’t know where to go, can you help.

  14. I would like to volunteer on Thanksgiving Day. Hopefully in Ridgewood or Glendale Queens.I can also volunteer at any other location.

  15. I have gone without in my life, but have alot to give. Just want to help my fellow human when in need. It makes me feel grateful for every breath I take. Ready willing and able to assist and can drive too. ( but don’t have persoal vehicle) PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR THANKSGIVING DAY THANK YOU….

  16. I live in Brooklyn, I would love to volunteer for thanksgiving. Please let know where I can go to help. Thanks

  17. we would like to volunteer during the thanksgiving holiday to work in any local soup kitchen

  18. I would love to voluntary with my 2 boys and my husband this thankgiving if you are in need of help, Please feel free to e-mail me.

  19. Hi my friend and I both live in Queens. We would like to volunteer in the kitchen on one day weekend for the month of Nov. with both of our 12 yr old daughters. Please contact me. Thank you.

  20. I would like to volunteer on Thanksgiving Day only at the Bowery Mission.. Could you give me some information about this program..

  21. hi my family and i would like to volunteer on thanksgiving 2012 and serve in soup kitchen we live in west islip ny any where u can guide us thank u joey

  22. We would love to volunteer for Thanksgiving. I would like our youth at church to help out! Please let us know. Thank You

  23. My husband, neice and I are coming to New York for the parade on Thanksgiving and would like to volunteer for the rest of the day could you please contact me with some informantion. I work for my Local Humane Society and we volunteer alot for the organization and think it would be great to volunteer on our vacation too. Thank you and cant wait to hear from you.

  24. It has always been my goal to help be of service to others and would like to volunteer for this Thanksgiving and Christmas in. I live in Duchess county but would like to volunteer in Mount Vernon, NY
    Thank u and God Bless.

  25. Hi,

    I would like to help feed the homeless or volunteer at a hospital for Thanksgiving. I would love to serve anywhere in New york or New Jersey.
    Thank you, Bernice

  26. Hi I would love to help out this Thanksgiving at one of the soup kitchens. Please let me know who I could call for information. Thank you very much

  27. Hi, me and my 13 year old daughter would like to volunteer at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving day. We live in queens, NY.

  28. was up every body im 19 years old i want to volunteer and i live in Albany n.y. and my number is 518-505-3689 thank you have a bless day

  29. My daughters and I (from Burlington County) would like to volunteer on Thanksgiving day. Please advise the who,what,where & when…

  30. Hi! I would love to help out at a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving day. Manhatten, Please contact me.

  31. 🙂 hi,I know it just might be to late to join some where to volunteer for thanksG but my son nd i will luv to if anyone have or need the help send me the info

  32. I would love to volunteer on thanksgiving, I am going through a divorce and this will be the first time I will be without my family.

    I currently volunteer at a nursing and also volunteredat a hospital for childrenwiyh cancer while my daughter was a patient there, unfortanately she passed away and
    felt it was too hard to go back, I drive many miles a day with my business so i can go wherever you need me. Thank You

  33. sorry about the typos, have been getting very little sleep so I am not focusing right now

    I have no problem with someone calling me

    Please feel free at anytime



  34. I forgot one thing, If someone does not drive and we are going to the same location, I will pick you up


  35. My husband, myself and two daughters (17& 19) would love to volunteer thanksgiving day- night in or near Nassau County, NY.

  36. My daughter lives in Astoria, NY. Where can we volunteer on Thanksgiving Day?

  37. I also liv in huntington, Long Island and would like to volunteer for thanksgiving close to my area. Please let me know!

  38. I and a group a friends (about 8) are looking for a soup kitchen in Queens to volunteer Thursday, Thanksgiving Day) morning and afternoon. Please contact me if you have anywhere in mind!


  39. Hi, my friend and i would love to volunteer this thanksgiving, please contact me if you need any more volunteers. thank you

  40. I am available for volunteer services on November 22nd in Suffolk County. Please contact me at my email address. Thanks in advance! David

  41. My husband and I would like to volunteer this
    Thanksgiving. We live and prefer someplace in Manhattan.

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