Thanksgiving Day: Volunteering At Your Local Soup Kitchen

Thanksgiving Day
There is no better way to give thanks on Thanksgiving Day than to head down to your local soup kitchen to volunteer. If you live in New York City, here are some resources for you. The Bowery Mission is probably the most popular, but there are several other organizations that are well known in the city and that do good work.

The Bowery Mission in New York City: Thanksgiving Volunteer Information. [NOW FULL] You’ll need to fill out an online form to register before you can volunteer.

City Meals On Wheels: Citymeals-on-Wheels’ Senior Centers need your help on Thanksgiving Day. Help PREPARE, SERVE and DELIVER MEALS.

New York Cares: New York Cares has hundreds of different ways that you can make a difference in our city this holiday season.  Help prep and serve a Thanksgiving dinner for the clients of the Yorkville Common Pantry on the Upper East Side.  Check out there blog here. (I’ve participated in several New York Cares events and they are top notch.)

EDIT: More organizations to volunteer at on Thanksgiving Day– Feel free to send me other organizations that I can add to this list.

VolunteerNYC: Opportunities to volunteer (LINK FIXED!) – The Isaiah J. Jones Memorial Foundation will be hosting their third annual Thanksgiving dinner for our homeless. VolunteerNYC lists opportunities with various charities and nonprofits in the NYC area.

Robin HoodVolunteer opportunities.  The following organizations best match your interests. Click on the name of an organization to find out more about the available volunteer opportunities as well as who to contact to get involved.

Hope for NY– Lists many different types of volunteer opportunities in and near New York City.  Please visit there site to browse through the opportunities and RSVP for any that interest you.

  • Put together food boxes (to be delivered to the needy).  Can be done with the family. RSVP HERE.
  • The Bowery Mission.  You won’t be working directly with the homeless but since this is a big operation, there are plenty of opportunities to help with the logistics, planning, and coordination.  The catch is that you have to attend a training on Nov 15.  There are four shifts you can RSVP for: 6:30am-10am; 9:30am-1pm; 12:30pm-4pm; 3:30-7pm.



  1. I and a few friends would love to be of service on Thanksgiving Day. I can also be available on Wednesday for cooking, chopping, cleaning, etc. Please advise. Thanks

  2. I would love to help out! I’m going to try to recruit a few of my friends. But if they’re all busy, I’d still like to help. Please send any information my way! Thank you~!

  3. I can’t find the thanksgiving link is not working. Are there any other places (food drive/soup kitchen) where I can volunteer this thanksgiving?

  4. Hi,

    Where can I volunteer at a Soup Kitchen on Thanksgiving 2007? Early morning okay also.

    Thank you,


  5. hi, am looking 2 volunteer 4 thanksgiving w/my 2 children ages 9 + 17yrs old. can u tell me where are some locations that would interested in having us to help out this year. we are willing 2 go 2 queens, manhattan + brooklyn in that order.

  6. Hello – I would also like to volunteer to hand out food – I did it for a few years and moved away…however, I’m in New York for this Thanksgiving and would love to help. As one of the volunteers states…can’t find the thanksgiving link is not working. Are there any other places (food drive/soup kitchen) where I can volunteer this Thanksgiving.

    Thank you.

  7. I would love to volunteer for the thanksgiving holiday, I am presently living in Brooklyn New York, and looking forward to volunteering in Brooklyn or New York City

  8. I can not find any information to help volunteer for a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving in the ulster county area here in NY

  9. my son, husband and I would like to volunteer for thanksgiving feeding and serving, in NYC

  10. I live in SE Ohio near Marietta and am willing to help out in a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving day. Please email me with any one needing help.


  11. i’m interested in volunteering and i could bring a friend…we are not the best cooks though

  12. I am looking for a place where my whole family can volunteer on thanksgiving day. I have two teens and a husband

  13. My boyfriend and I would like to volunteer on Thanksgiving day. We can help serve or deliver food.

  14. If anyone hears of a soup kitchen (preferred not in NYC) but in Queens, Brooklyn or Long Island that is still accepting volunteers for thanksgiving, please let me now 718 288 5105 or

  15. I am having a hard time trying to reach out to volunteer on thanksgiving?? Can you help? me and my friend sam glen would love to volunteer. We live in chelsea newyork city. We could spend time with orphans feed the hungry anything to help. can you please respond as no one has yesterday from many calls to other websites. thank you

  16. i am having a hard time trying to reach out and help?? me and my friend would love to volunteer on thanxgiving. we can spend time with orphans feed the hungry. exc.. please help? and contact me thank u

  17. Hello I would love in taking part in putting a smile on someone’s face this thanksgiving I can be contacted at 347-427-6410 if you call from a private you need to press *82, as to this phone doe not take private/unknown numbers. Looking forward to speaking to someone

  18. Hello my name is Calvin, I very much interested in volunteering I can be contacted at 212-346-8410 after 1pm but before 4pm.

  19. My husband and I would like to volunteer tomorrow, thanksgiving Day in a soup kitchen anywhere in NY area. Can you recommend a place?

  20. My sister and I are available to help today. Just tell us what to do and where to go.
    Phone number 704-302-1363
    In the Charlotte- Huntersville area

  21. I am interested in volunteering in a soup kitchen this upcoming Thanksgiving with my five year old son. What next step should we take? Will my son be able to help out? Can you recommend any places in NYC?

    cell: 347-410-1597

  22. I’m interested in volunteering in a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving (2008)with my family; my husband and two adult daughters. Please let me know of places in Manhattan we can apply. Thank you.

  23. Hello-
    I am unable to fly home this year to see my family I am am a single adult female who can cook, clean, whatever you need done and I have always dreamed of serving in a soup kitchen/volunteering on Thanksgiving Day-I believe there is no greater way of giving thanks for what you have than by serving others-please contact me if you know of places I can apply-thank you.

  24. I am interested in volunteering on Thanksgiving day, also with a five year old son. Is this possible or is he considered too young to help? Please contact me with any information. 917 754 1103

  25. I would like to find a soup kithcen or shelter to serve Thankksgiving dinner somewhere in Ventura County CA. Can anyone recommend places in that area?

  26. I would like my mom and I to volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter for Thanksgiving in the NYC area. Any recommendations? Thanks!!

  27. I would like to find a place to volunteer to help on Thanksgiving Day in NYC with my family

  28. I’m interested in volunteering in a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving (2008). Please let me know of places in Manhattan I can apply. Thank you.

  29. I would like to donate my time to a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving day. Please let me know where in Manhattan or Queens I could apply.
    Thanks in advance.

  30. Would be willing to help day before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving or day after, 3 people, northern NJ.

  31. Even with the ups and downs of day to day life, i still have so much to be thankful for and i would like to extend some of this thankfulness by volunteering. I am looking to volunteer at a soup kitchen on thanksgiving day in brooklyn, any suggestions will be helpful.

  32. I am looking to volunteer this Thanksgiving and am having trouble finding a place. I did find the Bowery Mission site but its all filled up. Any suggestions?

  33. My husband and I would love to help out.We did it last year it was the best feeling ever!!!!!call (646)593-6182 anything cooking, serving,delivering

  34. Looking to help on Thanksgiving day at a soup kitchen capital district my cell 518-396-6805

  35. Hello,

    I live in Albany, New York and my family would like to help out in a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving or any time that would work. Please contact me to tell me how I would go about doing this.

    Sharon Zachgo
    518- 371-4921

  36. Hello,

    My family & I live on the eastern end of Long Island and would like to volunteer at a soup kitchen this year for Thanksgiving. Please let me know of any that need help this year. Thank you.


  37. I would like to volunteer at a soup kitchen. perhaps Bowery Mission for

    thanksgiving day or day after. It would be one teenager and two adults.

    Thanks for yor assistance.

  38. Nov 2008, my daughter and would like to volunteer at a soup kitchen this holiday prefrebly in queens, ny. PS. I noticd ths sites commnts are from 2006. is this sit current?

  39. I live on Shelter Island on the eastern end of long island. I would like to volunteer at a soup kitchen this Thanksgiving, and at other times. Please let me know if you need my help. Thank You Ceil Surerus

  40. Here’s an new oppty for anyone who is around:

    Covenant House Creative Volunteers Needed Sat Nov 15

    When: November 15, 2008 1:00pm-4:00pm
    Where: COVENANT HOUSE 460 West 41st Street (btwn 9th and 10th Avenue) New York, NY

    The Public Service & Social Justice Committee of the YALE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF METROPOLITAN NEW YORK is proud to sponsor a great event to benefit the patron youth of Covenant House. Join us and inspire young lives on a Saturday afternoon! We are seeking volunteers to lead



    CALL 845-625-8379 OR 212 982-1712

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