Lebone Solutions– Developing fuel cells from the bacteria in soil or waste.

“You can just literally make energy from dirt,” said Aviva Presser, a graduate student at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. “And there’s a lot of dirt in Africa.”

New York Times

Link to Lebone website

Light + Energy = Opportunity

Lebônê Solutions, Inc. is a social enterprise working in off-grid energy delivery and lighting technology. The mission of Lebônê is to help end the energy and lighting crisis in Africa by identifying and harnessing emerging technologies, developing and adapting them for the African market, and delivering them to rural villages in an innovative and accessible manner. The group was incubated under the tutelage of Professor David Edwards in the Harvard Idea Translation Lab.


  1. This is awesome information we really want to learn more. Can you provide us information in spanish??

    Thank you for thinking green!!

  2. Dear Gentlemen,

    Indeed this is a very potential technology for future. Please enlighten is it also possible to use this technology in India?

    For your information, in many Indian villages still grid power is not there.

    Sincerely wish you great success.

    Ranjit Aich

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