Donating Startup Equity To Charity: 1% Of Nothing Launches

1% of Nothing is a startup organization that sits on the intersection of technology and charitable giving.  Its purpose is to inspire founders of early-stage companies (tech startups) to donate 1% of his/her assets to a cause of their choice.

The idea is that the promise of new companies to 1% when theequity may be worth nothing, but if they are acquired, that 1% becomes a major donation. Starting today, all companies and employees alike can make a commitment to donate 1% of its assets.  1% of a startup may not be worth much, but in essence, it’s like a lottery ticket in the case where the startup find a successful exit.

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  1. What a clever concept. I hope it takes off! Imagine if Facebook gave up 1% to a charity? That would be worth $5 billion 🙂

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