What Is Razoo? Social Networking For Changemakers

What is Razoo?

Razoo is an online community that lets you create goals and groups for raising awareness and taking action for various causes. The site is currently in public beta.

From Mashable , a blog about social networking. How did I hear about them? Through Omidyar Network, which is transitioning their community over to the Razoo platform:

We strongly believe in the power of community-based efforts, and we feel the best way Omidyar Network can continue facilitating the kind of work that’s being done both within and through omidyar.net is to empower communities online that are more narrowly focused on specific interests and moderated in a style of their own preference.

It seems like the Omidyar community scattering to several different platforms/communities, of which are all listed on this page (AboutUs.org, Better World Island, dowire.org, Facebook, groups.cx, Ned.com, etc.).

Check out Razoo’s press release which was released earlier this month: RAZOO LAUNCHES A “SOCIAL NETWORK FOR SOCIAL GOOD”. I’m planning to check out their other projects which are announced in that release.

In addition to the Razoo.com website, the company has launched several other platforms, each sharing the goal of inspiring giving and serving among young people. The Good Happens blog and newsletter aim to be the “MTV News” of the social good space, shining a spotlight on the good that happens around us every day. Speed Granting is both an online and offline platform that encourages and rewards social entrepreneurs for their social initiatives, and allows their peers cast votes to determine the recipients of the grants. And Brewing Good is a monthly offline event that brings together young people in a fun and creative environment to encourage, recognize and celebrate the good they are doing.

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