New Developments for OLPC and Intel’s Classmate PC

Here are some important updates on what’s going on with the OLPC and the Classmate PC. First, it looks like Nigeria has selected Classmate PCs running Linux for a nationwide pilot in their country. The article (via slashdot), offered by the linux company supplying the operating system, discusses how 17,000 computers will be provided in Nigeria.

Mandriva today announced that the Nigerian government has selected Intel-powered classmate PCs running on Mandriva Linux for educational use in nationwide pilot in Nigeria. Mandriva is working with Intel Corporation and Technology Support Center Ltd. to provide 17,000 Intel-powered classmate PC. The aim of this project is to improve the quality of technology delivered to students, and to help teachers and parents.

What’s OLPC up to? No updates on big wins like this but Microsoft did announce that they will be building an operating system for the OLPC. Negroponte is fine with this, as he wants to promote the open source spirit with the project.

While the news that Microsoft is developing a version of Windows for the so-called “$100 laptop” has caused some consternation, One Laptop Per Child Chairman Nicholas Negroponte has said the project could not promote openness if it blocked Windows.

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  1. How does one get in touch with the producers of these laptops if one is interested in going into business with them for those who would not be opportuned to get one or as a supplier in one’s country.

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