MIT Legatum Center Accepting Applications for 2010-2011 Fellowship

The Legatum Center is now accepting applications for the 2010-2011 Fellowship, with a deadline of February 10, 2010.  Led by Professor Iqbal Quadir, the Center administers a competitive fellowship program for incoming and current MIT graduate students, across all academic and professional disciplines, who demonstrate the potential to create innovative, sustainable, for-profit enterprises that promote prosperity in low-income countries.  The Fellowship provides financial assistance, business plan coaching, specialized seminars, and opportunities to engage with some of the world’s leading thinkers and change-agents.  Recognizing that even the best innovations can be rendered useless if not distributed effectively, the Center works closely with Fellows to design not just innovative products and services, but also workable, affordable, and sustainable business distribution methods.

Applicants will need to submit an online application and two letters of recommendation.  Prospective applicants can find more information, video, profiles of current and past Fellows, and the online application at  Please direct any questions to


  1. i want to pursue a course in management to help train my community members on cultivating pineapple as small scale enterprise for the poor community and training them on aqua farming to reduce over mining on the sea.

  2. my community is an endemic poor nutrition area with so many nutri deficeint diseases and blindness. high patient Doctor ratio and is called Saltpond Ankarful in the Central Region of Ghana.

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