Fast Company Social Capitalist Awards

Fast Company is the first place to start reading about social entrepreneurship

Any prospective social entrepreneur should head over and check out the Social Capitalists coverage at Fast Company.

Check this out and if you have any you want to submit, send them over to john at socialroi dot com.

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  1. The Elfenworks Foundation respectfully submits for consideration for Fast Company Social Capitalist Awards. At the Elfenworks Foundation, our mission is to foster a world In Harmony With Hope. Our multi-faceted, creative and hardworking team of technology advocates, social entrepreneurs and advisors uses expertise in communications, computers, film, music, the law, finance, and business administration to heal, empower and transform. We analyze what’s broken, find solutions, remove obstacles, raise awareness, forge alliances, and support the efforts of visionary change-makers. One harmony partnership at a time, we work to empower and uplift the weak, poor, marginalized and written-off in measurable and sustainable ways. To learn more about The Elfenworks Foundation, partners and initiatives, visit

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