Debating Bill Gates’s theory of philanthropy

Check out Creative Capitalism blog:
Creative Capitalism: A Conversation is a web experiment designed to produce a book — a collection of essays and commentary on capitalism, philanthropy and global development — to be edited by us and published by Simon and Schuster in the fall of 2008. The book takes as its starting point a speech Bill Gates delivered this January at the World Economic Forum in Davos. In it, he said that many of the world’s problems are too big for philanthropy–even on the scale of the Gates Foundation. And he said that the free-market capitalist system itself would have to solve them.


  1. This is a great blog, a little dry but filled with insightful analysis. No punches are pulled either. The editor of the blog seems self-aware to enough to realize creative capitalism is in its infancy and is evolving every day. I just read an article on Tactical Philanthropy blog that advocated non-profits investing more money in their employee salaries so as to attract the best and brightest. Just thought it was interesting to note that just as creative capitalism is demanding an injection of morality into the business world, the philanthropic world wants to be able to compete more aggressively for talent with the business world. More evidence in my mind that the gap between the two is closing, which will be good for everyone.

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