Thanksgiving Day: Volunteering At Your Local Soup Kitchen

Thanksgiving Day
There is no better way to give thanks on Thanksgiving Day than to head down to your local soup kitchen to volunteer. If you live in New York City, here are some resources for you. The Bowery Mission is probably the most popular, but there are several other organizations that are well known in the city and that do good work.

The Bowery Mission in New York City: Thanksgiving Volunteer Information. [NOW FULL] You’ll need to fill out an online form to register before you can volunteer.

City Meals On Wheels: Citymeals-on-Wheels’ Senior Centers need your help on Thanksgiving Day. Help PREPARE, SERVE and DELIVER MEALS.

New York Cares: New York Cares has hundreds of different ways that you can make a difference in our city this holiday season.  Help prep and serve a Thanksgiving dinner for the clients of the Yorkville Common Pantry on the Upper East Side.  Check out there blog here. (I’ve participated in several New York Cares events and they are top notch.)

EDIT: More organizations to volunteer at on Thanksgiving Day– Feel free to send me other organizations that I can add to this list.

VolunteerNYC: Opportunities to volunteer (LINK FIXED!) – The Isaiah J. Jones Memorial Foundation will be hosting their third annual Thanksgiving dinner for our homeless. VolunteerNYC lists opportunities with various charities and nonprofits in the NYC area.

Robin HoodVolunteer opportunities.  The following organizations best match your interests. Click on the name of an organization to find out more about the available volunteer opportunities as well as who to contact to get involved.

Hope for NY– Lists many different types of volunteer opportunities in and near New York City.  Please visit there site to browse through the opportunities and RSVP for any that interest you.

  • Put together food boxes (to be delivered to the needy).  Can be done with the family. RSVP HERE.
  • The Bowery Mission.  You won’t be working directly with the homeless but since this is a big operation, there are plenty of opportunities to help with the logistics, planning, and coordination.  The catch is that you have to attend a training on Nov 15.  There are four shifts you can RSVP for: 6:30am-10am9:30am-1pm12:30pm-4pm3:30-7pm.


412 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day: Volunteering At Your Local Soup Kitchen”

  1. Hi,
    I am interested in volunteering on Thanksgiving and/or Christmes in the Boston/Brookline, MA area.


  3. I would like to volunteer to serve Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless and those in need in my area. I live in eastern Suffolk County. What organizations can I contact. Thank You

  4. I live on the west side of manhattan and would like to volunteer in a soup kitchen or any foodservice operation on thanksgiving day..Please let me know how i can help..

  5. I live in Westchester County in NY and would like to know if you can help me find a place close to home (since I’m disabled) so I can volunteer my services on Thanksgiving. Thank You in advance.

  6. I would like to volunteer on Thanksgiving Day at soup kitchen in Nassau County. Please send me a list of locations where they need help.

  7. I would like to volunteer this year for Thanksgiving. If you can please refer me to a soup kitchen or any other non profit organization in Manhattan that is in need of assistance. Thank you.

  8. I am interested in serving diner to the homeless or handicapped on Thanksgiving. In Nassau or Suffolk Counties NY

  9. I would like to volunteer this year for Thanksgiving in Queens(forest hills) that is in need of assistance. Thank you.

  10. Hello, I am interested in helping in a soup kitchen with my 16 year old maggie on thanksgiving somewhere on long island. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you , Cynthia Trotter

  11. I would like to volunteer this thanksgiving to serve meals to the needy. I live in eastern suffolk. please refer me to organizations looking for volunteers…thank you

  12. My children(16& 14) and I would like to volunteer serving meals on Thanksgiving. We are located in central New Jersey.

  13. I am interesting volunteer for SERVING FOOD FOR THE Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays around Queens, Manhattan or Brooklyn. Where can I sign up for that? Could somebody please pass me the information? Thank you

  14. I live in Westchester and would like to volunteer at a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter in NYC on Thanksgiving. I can help cook food, serve food, or just speak with, counsel, and encourage the homeless and the downtrodden. Please help find a place for me to be of service.
    Thank you and bless you.

  15. I would like to help serve thanksgiving meals to people in need. Please let me know the nearest place to Westfield, NJ (union county) where I could be of help.
    Thank you.

  16. I would like to volunteer with my 9 year old daugther this Thanksgiving Day in New Windsor, NY. Please forward nearby locations. Thanks

  17. I am interested in volunteering this thanksgiving at a Broward county Florida soup kitchen – Prefer Coral Springs – Cocoanut Creek area

  18. Hi my name is Maritza and myself, son 13, and daughter16 would be interested in volunteering for Thanks Giving/ Christmas dinner. We are located in Albany, NY.

    Thank you

  19. I would like to take my 14 yr old son and myself to volunteer this thanksgiving in Newark, New jersey in the earlier part of thanksgiving day. Please let me know where to go asap… thanks

  20. I would like to volunteer on Thanksgiving day in my area of southern Dutchess/Putnam County New York.Please let me know of any organizations that are looking for volunteers.

  21. I would like to volunteer on Thanksgiving Day at soup kitchen in Manhattan area.  Can you please send me a list of locations where they need help.

    Thank you.

  22. I would trully love to volunteer any where in need of assistance thanksgiving plz contact me asap..Blessings to us ALL…

  23. I would like to volunteer this Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have a 10 year old who wants to help too. Thank you

  24. Hey, if there’s any soup kitchens out in Moreno Valley, Riverside, or Redlands, CA that need volunteers during thanksgiving, let me know :]

  25. I want to volunteer Thanksgiving day helping to serve food to people in need anywhere in Manhattan. Can somebody please give me some info on where I and some friends be of service please. Thank you.

  26. I know it’s last minute but I won’t be able to go home to are my family this thanksgiving so instead of feel bad for myself I’d like to volunteer
    I live in Brooklyn…I be willing to help out in manhattan
    As well…if you know of anyplace 🙂

  27. happy holidays! my children and i will love to volunteer in a soup kitchen nearby/buffalo,ny. i have 3 children..ages 17, 12, and a 10 year old thats actually going to turn 11 years old tomorrow on Thanksgiving. we would love more than any thing to volounteer. please get in touch with me. i’ll appreciate it. be safe n God Bless


  29. My father and I would like to volunteer at a local soup kitchen this Thanksgiving. Is anything still available? It would been so much to us. Thank you for your time. If nothing is available Christmas would be wonderful too. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Best wishes,

  30. Is it too late to help?? id like to help in some sort of way. ill do anything to help. Please let me know if it is not to late. thank you.

  31. Now that Thanksgiving has passed, I’m interested in volunteering my services for serving meals in Queens.
    Please contact me with a list of organization names I can contact.
    Thank you, 😀

  32. I am looking for volunteering to help prepare and serve Christmas meal at a homeless shelter. I live in Southern New Jersey but can travel to North Jersey.

  33. How can I get in touch with individuals or groups who would like to volunteer their time at the local Vibra Hospital?

  34. hi my name is Lennet i would like to volunteer with my family this thanksgiving/christam can you please let me know where i can go in nyc. P.S thank you!

  35. I would like to volunteer on thanksgiving day. I may go to the parade first. Parade is over at 1230. Please contact me. I’m willing to help with clean up.

  36. Hello, My friend and I would like to volunteer on Thanksgiving in Manhattan at a soup kitchen near broadway . thank you Sophie

  37. I would like to volunteer. I live in Union so somewhere within 10-15 miles of that area. Please email me and let me know where I can help. Thank you.

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