Search Engine Marketing (SEM) For Non-Profits and Charities

Last week was Search Engine Strategies, which is the largest industry conference for internet search. Search marketers flocked to New York City to participate in workshops, network, and learn about new trends in the industry. One of the sessions was on search engine marketing for non-profits and charities and Search Engine Roundtable does a nice job transcribing it. This could be pretty useful for those of you who are responsible for marketing your non-profit or charity. Topics discussed include Google Grants, social media, and various search strategies.

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  1. Hello, I have created a collaborative website for social entrepreneurs who want to start a non profit organization or who are in there first few years of running one. The purpose of the site is education, networking, and resource-sharing, especially through a discussion forum. There is a section on Venture Philanthropy and discussion about social return on investment and how that can be qualified and quantified. Your participation would be a great addition to this community:
    Thank you,

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