GreenDimes Helps Reduce Junk Mail By Up To 90%

GreenDimes is a new service that aims to reduce the amount of junk mail for their members:

GreenDime’s site says it has “tens of thousands of members” and the annual fee is $36 per year (a dime a day). For that price the company says it will reduce your junk mail by a 75% to 90% and plant one tree a month.

I think the idea is great– I understand the economics behind direct marketing but it’s very easy to see that junk mail is very wasteful and not environmentally friendly. Greendimes’ press page has a lot more information, and they just raised a significant amount of VC money so keep an eye out for these guys.

11 thoughts on “GreenDimes Helps Reduce Junk Mail By Up To 90%”

  1. Yes, they put the environmental costs of junk mail at around 100 million trees and 28 billion gallons of water, each year, in the US alone.

  2. Thanks for the post about junk mail. 41pounds is another great company that does the leg-work to stop junk mail – for just $8.20 a year (2 cents a day). 41pounds also donates more than 1/3 of your fee to the environmental or community nonprofit of your choice. Partners include, American Forests and Habitat for Humanity (East Bay). We’re happy to see the growing public awareness about the wastefulness of junk mail – and the success of several new businesses that offer solutions.

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