EquityEdit- Innovating In Global Public Health

Glad to see good things coming out of the alma mater!

is a non-profit organization that partners with for-profit biomedical editing companies with the goal of generating funding global public health innovations. EquityEdit recruits and trains scientists from diverse backgrounds to edit and translate manuscripts written by researchers for whom English is a second language. A portion of the scientists’ compensation earned is donated to small, innovative, pro-poor global health organizations as a sustainable source of long-term financing. In addition, EquityEdit receives from it for-profit partners a percentage of the revenue from each order.

Financial Model

EquityEdit’s current beneficiary is Nyaya Health and their current for-profit partner is ProEdit Japan. Currently the editors are paid by ProEdit Japan and can donate anywhere from 0-100% of their compensation to Nyaya Health. Editors that are affiliated with Nyaya Health donate 100% of their income and those not affiliated donate about 5%. In addition, ProEdit Japan donates an additional percentage of the revenue of each order.

New Editors begin editing as junior editors and for the first three manuscripts are paired with a senior editor. For these three manuscripts, the compensation is provided as follows. The junior editor receives 20% of the compensation, the senior editor receive 70%, and 10% is donated to Nyaya Health. This training period represents about 10 hours of minimally compensated work for the junior editor. The system greatly decreases the risks inherent in providing a manuscript with a tight deadline to a new editor, and does so with no added cost to ProEdit Japan.

Approximately 40% of junior editors are hired within three manuscripts to become full “independent editors.” Independent editors complete orders on their own and receive full compensation at 100% (minus a donation percentage that they so choose). After some demonstration of competency, these editors can then advance further to become senior editors. Approximately 20% of all orders are performed within the junior-senior editing system; the remaining manuscripts are edited by independent editors. A typical independent editor will earn approximately $30-60 an hour, while a senior editor might earn $60-100 an hour. This is compensated on a per-word basis, so the hourly rate varies depending upon the speed of the editor.

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