Closing The Digital Divide With Portable Wifi

Here’s an innovative way that some people in India, Rwanda, Cambodia, and Paraguay are crossing the digital divide– by gaining online access through buses equipped with wifi which drive through several hard to reach villages a few times a day..

The buses and a fleet of motorcycles update their pages in cities before visiting the hard-to-reach communities. As well as offering popular pages, the United Villages project also allows users to request specific information.

So everytime the bus drives by the village, it updates the page requests for the users connecting to the wifi service.

For example, if there was no information about Britney Spears on the village computer, a fee could be paid to get hold of such information.

The bus would then go back to the city and communicate with an internet server.

EDIT: Just got word that United Villages raised a $2 million Series A round, which included Omidyar Network, Cambridge Light & Power Corp. and Gray Matters Capital Foundation

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