Attend a timely and thought-provoking introduction to the important changes underway as Microfinance comes of age.

Not sure if this is limited to Yale alums but sounds interesting:

Microfinance lending institutions have traditionally been recognized for making small loans to the poor in developing countries a market considered too small, too expensive, and too risky for conventional lenders. Repayment rates, however, have been remarkably high, and over the last few decades this market has quietly grown to include more than 10,000 micro financiers around the globe, providing around 17 billion in capital. Conventional lenders have taken serious notice and this market is estimated to grow to over $250 billion in the next 10 years.

Our distinguished panel of experts and practitioners will address these important developments from the perspective of global capital markets, governments, and NGOs, and will examine the various opportunities, pitfalls, and ethical implications of whether it is possible to balance financial return and social responsibility.

This idea exchange will continue the important dialogue on Markets and Microfinance begun by faculty and alumni in the SOM Alumni Magazine, Q2. We look forward to seeing you at this special event!
Program Schedule

6:30 7:00 pm Reception and Networking (Saybrook Room)
7:00 8:00 pm Discussion and Q&A (Trumbull Room)
8:00 8:30 pm Reception Continues (Saybrook Room)

Featured Panelist

Deb Burand, former Executive Vice President, Grameen Foundation;

Mary Ellen Iskenderian, SOM 86, President and CEO, Womens World Banking;

Dean Karlan, Assistant Professor Economics, Yale University;

Christian Novak, Microfinance Institutions Group-Debt-Products, Morgan Stanley.

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