WorldChanging Tries To Bring Out the Social Entrepreneur In Us All


WorldChanging is a great website I recently found and added to the “Blogs I Read” section on the right. WorldChanging is one of those websites where I knew exactly what it was about as soon as I saw it BUT even after reading the “About Us” page, I had trouble putting together the words to describe it.

However, after thinking about it for a few minutes, I think I came up with a title that perfectly describes what it tries to do– bring out the social entrepreneur in all of us.

WorldChanging works on the premise that everything that we need to build a better future already exists– we just need to take those things, whether they be tools, models, or ideas, and apply them properly.

When a profit motive exists, the act of pulling together disconnected things to create value is called entrepreneurship. But when the profit motive is missing, (or is not as big enough to be motivation), those who step up to the challenge to pull everything together to create value is called social entrepreneurship.

WorldChanging aims to act as a repository and a “market” for all information that can enable social entrepreneurship and make it easy for us to see.

I’m not sure if everyone at WorldChanging agrees with my interpretation but the reason why I see it this way is because those were some of the reasons that motivated me to start SocialROI!

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  1. WorldChanging is indeed a great resource for the field. And what you said about its mission–bringing out the social entrepreneur in all of us–prompts me to let you and your readers know about Ashoka’s new feature on Changemakers–Are You a Changemaker?–which invites changemakers of every stripe anywhere in the world to submit their stories…their projects…for global consideration, impact, policy change, funders’ investment, media attention…on the site.

    Each month, a panel of judges selects entries from the “Are You a Changemaker” submissions to be included in a Changemakers Directory of Social Entreprenuers. Visitors to the Web site vote for three of these entries and the top vote-winners become the “Changemakers of the Month.”

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