SocialVibe: A Social Media Platform That Helps Raise Money For Charities

I searched through my site and realized that I hadn’t yet covered SocialVibe. I consider this organization one of the more successful web based social enterprises. These guys are L.A. based, raised venture capital, and just announced that they’ve raised over $100k in donations since they launched six months ago.

The company said that in the six months since its February 2008 launch of public beta, its platform has helped its members raised more than $100,000 in donations for charities.

“Partnering with SocialVibe has been a great way for us to reach new and influential supporters as well as increase our online presence in social media,” said Laura Ziskin, Executive Producer, Stand Up To Cancer.

Link to venturedeal coverage.

Here’s a link to their press release.

I also found this interesting powerpoint on slideshare describing the value that they provide.

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