NYT Magazine: Giving It Away

The New York Times is calling this “The Money Issue”.

Here’s some of the articles from the magazine:

About Natalie Portman and her role with FINCA. Link

What Makes People Give? Fund raisers talk about marketing gimmicks to make people give more. Link

How Many Billionaires Does It Take to Fix a School System? Five experts debate the new education philanthropy. Link

Self-Made Philanthropists. Herb and Marion Sandler are giving away their phenomenal wealth the same way they earned it — by calling the shots. Link

[On Measuring Social Impact] For Good, Measure. Foundations are increasingly using “metrics” to determine if their grants are working. But can you really measure the return-on-investment of giving to a cause? Link

Slideshow on the Faces of Social Entrepreneurship. Link

The general link to the NYT Magazine is here.

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