Nigeria Says Yes To One Laptop Per Child, Orders 1 Million

Yesterday, things weren’t looking so good for Negroponte and his OLPC team, when India announced that they weren’t interested in the One Laptop Per Child computers.

However, today vnunet is reporting that Nigeria just put in an order for one million machines. Production won’t start until five to ten million orders have been put in so OLPC still has a way to go.

3 thoughts on “Nigeria Says Yes To One Laptop Per Child, Orders 1 Million”

  1. The million unit barrier for a sales seems like it’s just too high; that’s not the way money typically flows in the developing world; it’s project based, ngo’s, govt. agencies, bilaterals, etc. all involved.

  2. yes, we are interested in one laptop per child if only if can supply us. Is a nice project and opportunity which someone will like to miss or loss.


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