Microsoft Uses Philanthropy, Web 2.0 for Non Profits, Africa and Private Aid, Millennium Village

Causes and college campuses go hand-in-hand, which made it a natural venue for Microsoft’s “i’m Making a Difference” campaign, where users of Windows Live Messenger can select one of nine charitable organizations to give a share of ad revenues. Link.

What should a savvy non-profit organization do to succeed in the Web 2.0 era? Link.

Private investors want to prove that development aid for Africa is money well invested. Wealthy philanthropists from around the world are funding more and more programs on the continent. And some of them seem to be working. Link.

Just two years ago, Sauri was an ordinary Kenyan village where poverty, hunger, and illness were facts of everyday life. Now it is an experiment, a prototype “Millennium Village.” The idea is simple: Every year for five years, invest roughly $100 for each of the village’s 5,000 inhabitants, and see what ­happens. Link.

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