Google Launches 10^100 (ten to the 100th)- Submit Your Plan To Win

Google have announce the launch of project 10^100 (ten to the 100th), an innovative scheme designed to inspire and fund the development of ideas that will help to change the world.

Members of the public have until 20th October to submit their ideas by completing a simple form and answering a few short questions about their idea. Entrants can also include a link to a 30 second video either demonstrating their idea in action or giving a more detailed explanation.

Entries will be accepted in 25 languages and Google have placed no limit on the number of ideas any one individual can share


2 thoughts on “Google Launches 10^100 (ten to the 100th)- Submit Your Plan To Win”

  1. hi,
    my name is satish,ihave an idea ,amotor is connected to big wheel on that some dynamos put on that all dynamos are conected to a rechared battery.
    you can understand not sufficient enrgy required from dynamos,
    but children play socking machines run with pencil cell it gives more current then we fell the shock.that machines are connected to the every dynamo.the current fluctuations are increases.again stored battery is connected to motor .then again run it . the motor runs current increses on dynamos that stored into baterry.

  2. a mountain peek a iron rod is fixed it gives +ve charge by earth.thunders are touches the rod the energy is more the diverted into a cpacitor or battery
    my numberisw 9000053926

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