Google To Install Record Number of Solar Panels At Its Headquarters

Solar Panels

Search giant Google will begin constructing the nation’s largest solar electricity system on its Mountain View campus, the company said today.

The system will have a total capacity of 1.6 megawattas, which is enough to power 1,000 homes in the US. The solar panels sound pretty complex. Energy Innovations, a company out of Pasadena, is making solar panels that will track the sun as it moves, which should increase the efficiency of these new designs.

One thought on “Google To Install Record Number of Solar Panels At Its Headquarters”

  1. Why does EVERYONE want to install the Solar Panels on the damn roof?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Can’t you guys come up with something with a little more class like PV Systems that track the sun, store the power in batteries, that could withstand Hurricane Forces, and cost under $2000.00. Is that so difficult to ask? These Systems are already being offered to Australians and the UK. That is why America is in Last Place in the World of Technology.

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