Global Discovery Contest– Calling All Social Entrepreneurs!

I can’t believe it February already– I just got my Feb. edition of the NetImpact Newsletter and boy are there lots of things going on this spring! Starting with the most important, NetImpact and Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit at Case Western Reserve University is inviting all social entrepreneurs to enter the Global Discovery Contest. The contest is sort of an inquiry to discover innovative business practices and models that:

re-define the role of business in society and provide alternative profitability models of mutual benefit.

Why? Because:

In September 2000, one hundred ninety-one United Nations Member States signed the Millennium Declaration, which challenged the world to reach seven diverse goals spanned across such issues as poverty, health, education, ecology, gender equality, and cooperation, by year 2015. To date, much work has been done by various organizations and agencies to move towards the targets. However, little attention has been paid to the role of business in achieving the Millennium Development Goals

So find a business that is working to address one of the items in the Millennium Declaration list, conduct an interview with the social entrepreneur to learn more about the business, and then write it all up in a nice article. The article with the most votes wins $500.

The competition, in many ways, is trying to do the same thing I am with this blog– shed more light on to the works of social entrepreneurs and get the word out about this movement!

There were a few other interesting things in the NetImpact Newsletter which I’ll blog about in my next post.

Have a good weekend!

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