Dell Raises The Bar For Computer Recycling Programs

NyTimes reports that Dell is modifying its recycling program so that anyone with an old Dell machine can have it recycled for free through Dell. I’ve covered computer recycling before on this blog, and one of the issues then was the boatloads of old parts ending up in dumps in third world countries. To combat this, the top US-based computer companies are pledging to disassemble old machines in the US.

Apart from the industry leaders, many computer and electronics companies are just starting to adopt recycling programs that meet standards set by environmental groups like the Toxics Coalition.

Today, most equipment intended for recycling in the United States is sent to developing nations, where few laws govern working conditions and environmental hazards. Dell, Apple and Hewlett-Packard, among others, have pledged to disassemble old computers only in the United States and to not ship hazardous material overseas.

It’s good to see the big boys setting the example here.

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