Banish The Digital Divide!

That’s what YellowSheepRiver wants to do.
They are all about selling low cost linux-based computers, according to this Wired story:

YellowSheepRiver Municator is selling a new Linux-based desktop for about $150. Like Nicholas Negroponte’s One Laptop per Child project, makers of the Municator say they want to banish the digital divide.

The article compares the YellowSheepRiver effort to that of Negroponte’s organization:

The MIT-affiliated effort has had the technology in place for a $100 laptop since January 2005 but has yet to begin production because the program needs 5 million to 10 million advance orders before factories will begin to churn them out. The Municator, however, is ready to go.

Comparing the Wired story to the YellowSheep website, I found the latter emphasize international business competition more than any humanitarian concerns. The first paragraph from their website reads:

Our ultimate goal is to let the Chinese computer-users use our own-made CPUs in which we do not have to rely on the imported CPUs.

Not sure what these guys are really up to so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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