American Public Media’s Public Radio Business Show Is Looking For Stories About Social Entrepreneurship

American Public Media’s public radio business show Marketplace ( reports on entrepreneurs and the issues they face. American Public Media is also doing a new kind of journalism that involves reaching out to communities of people with knowledge, expertise and experience on a topic.

To support Marketplace’s entrepreneurship coverage, APM is building a Public Insight Network of entrepreneurs from around the country (and the world) to inform reporting. Marketplace is also very keen on exploring social entrepreneurship. So for all you social entrepreneurs out there, tell APM your experience, become a source for public radio, and help shape national media coverage of (social) entrepreneurship.

Tell APM what it takes to be a social entrepreneur, here
Give a more general description of your business, here
Sign up for the Public Insight Network without filling out either survey, here

Being in the Network means receiving an email about once a month asking for your insight on stories APM is working on. You can respond if the questions connect with your experience or delete the email if they don’t. You can unsubscribe any time.

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