A Charity Takes Medicine Into Its Own Hands

One World Health
Here’s a great story about a non-profit organization called OneWorld Health, which is trying to be the first non-profit pharmaceutical company.

Apparently, promising drugs are identified but not being developed because the drugs aren’t expected to make much money. OneWorld Health has identified one such situation in particular involving a disease called black fever, which inflicts several third world areas in the world. A potential cure was identified decades ago but never developed because it didn’t have the “market potential”. Here is where One World Health wants to step in:

A small charity based in San Francisco has conducted the medical trials needed to prove that the drug is safe and effective. Now it is on the verge of getting final approval from the Indian government. A course of treatment with the drug is expected to cost just $10, and experts say it could virtually eliminate the disease.

The article offers some compelling details and also describes the hurdles that One World Health will face in the near term.

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