2009 Social Enterprise Conference: From Vision to Practice

2009 Social Enterprise Conference
From Vision to Practice
Friday, October 9th
7:45 AM – 7:00 PM
New York

Columbia Business School’s Social Enterprise Program and International Development Clubs will host the 8th Annual Social Enterprise Conference. This year’s Conference, From vision to practice, will be held on Friday, October 9, 2009 at Lerner hall of the Columbia University’s Morningside Campus in New York City. The keynote speaker this year is Craig R. Barrett, retired CEO/Chairman of Board INTEL CORPORATION.

Microfinance India Summit 2009

Check out the annual Microfinance India Summit which acts as a global meeting ground for policy-makers, practitioners, promoters and researchers to delve into and address fundamental concerns related to microfinance in India. This year’s conference is being held from 26 to 28 October 2009 in New Delhi.

ACCESS Development Services, a not-for-profit company based in New Delhi that assists the growing microfinance sector through streamlined and structured services to emerging MFIs and supports the enabling environment through the Microfinance India platform (www.microfinanceindia.org).

“Lend Me Some Sugar” is essentially American Idol for social entrepreneurs

The latest project from Virgance:
How Lend Works: Lend Me Some Sugar is essentially American Idol for social entrepreneurs. We will run a series of themed contests, each one sponsored by a large brand. For example Pepsi may likely sponsor a contest in which the contestants are entrepreneurs with great ideas for how to supply the world with clean drinking water. These contests are run online and they utilize social networks to reach millions of peoplewho login each week to vote on their favorite idea. One contestant is eliminated each round and the last remaining idea wins a large cash prize (think millions) to get their project off the ground. For brands, Lend Me Some Sugar has the potential to be a highly engaging (effective?) social media marketing campaign that associates their company with doing good and for us it’s a way to turn the massive advertising budgets of these brands into funding for social activism . We’ve generated a lot of interest from brands thus far; now our priority, as we launch LMSS, is demonstrating that we have the goods to reach a large audience.

The way we aim to build a large audience is by getting one million fans on our
Facebook page: http://facebook.com/LendMeSomeSugar. If this happens, LMSS will
most certainly become a reality.