The Mind Trust Education Entrepreneur Fellowship

The Mind Trust’s Education Entrepreneur Fellowship is a nationally  unique incubator for transformative education ventures. The Fellowship offers  promising education entrepreneurs the opportunity to develop and launch their break-the-mold education ventures and the support necessary for success. Fellows  receive two years of salary, benefits, a stipend for travel and professional development, and more. With this support, fellows will be able to realize their  visions and achieve extraordinary results for some of the nation’s most underserved students.

Fellowship ventures target underserved or disadvantaged populations with  solutions that attack the root problems in the delivery of public education.  The Fellowship is for people who envision entirely new approaches to the challenges of public education, and possess the relentless drive necessary to exploit opportunities to fulfill their visions.  Fellows join a growing network of education entrepreneurs dedicated to forging dramatic change in public education.

For the third cohort of fellows, The Mind Trust plans to select three highly capable people by November 20, 2009.  Each fellow works with The Mind Trust staff to establish an appropriate start date.

Fellows are full-time employees of The Mind Trust throughout the Fellowship. Fellows receive a $90,000 annual salary and a full benefits package that  includes medical, dental, and retirement benefits. Fellows will receive a $20,000 stipend to support their work, which can be used for customized  training, travel or other reasonable purposes.  The Fellowship is a full-time responsibility; fellows should not have additional employment, consulting  contracts, or other professional responsibilities.  Fellows may live anywhere in the United States during the Fellowship, but will be required to participate in meetings with their cohort of fellows in Indianapolis at least quarterly.  In addition, Fellows must include Indianapolis as part of their initial growth  plans.

Important Dates and Application Information

The Mind Trust is now accepting Statements of Intent online through July 31, 2009.  Select applicants will be invited to submit Full Applications.  Full  Applications are due September 25, 2009.  Statements of Intent and Full Applications are accepted only via The Mind Trust’s online application form.  Visit for the application form and more information on the Education Entrepreneur Fellowship.  Fellowships for the third cohort will be awarded by November 20, 2009.

Google SMS Allows People To Access Information With Their Mobile Phones

Google does a great job of describing Google SMS— it’s basically technology that meets the needs and infrastructure of Africa:

Most mobile devices in Africa only have voice and SMS capabilities, and so we are focusing our technological efforts in that continent on SMS. Today, we are announcing Google SMS, a suite of mobile applications which will allow people to access information, via SMS, on a diverse number of topics including health and agriculture tips, news, local weather, sports, and more. The suite also includes Google Trader, a SMS-based “marketplace” application that helps buyers and sellers find each other. People can find, “sell” or “buy” any type of product or service, from used cars and mobile phones to crops, livestock and jobs.

Jobs for Change: Recruiting a new generation of leaders into the nonprofit, government, and social enterprise sectors

Jobs for Change is being launched at a time of both crisis and opportunity.

The crisis we face is rooted not only in our faltering economy but also in our national failure to confront major challenges, from education to energy to health care. At the same time, President Obama has inspired renewed interest in public service, providing a historic opportunity to mobilize people to address problems that have been ignored for too long.

The mission of Jobs for Change is to help take full advantage of this opportunity by recruiting a new generation of leaders into the nonprofit, government, and social enterprise sectors.

Facebook’s Hunger Program: asks you to “Share Your Lunch With 20 Children For Just $10

(bag image)

This comes from TechCrunch as well:

Yesterday, we wrote about Microsoft’s pledge to feed the hungry if you download their web browser. That campaign is misleading, and it really shows when you compare it to another campaign of a similar nature.

Today, while at Facebook’s new headquarters in Palo Alto, we noticed that it too is involved in a campaign to end hunger. But rather than pledging to feed hungry people only if you download something from Facebook, the company is doing it on the down-low, asking its employees to help out, in its own cafeteria.

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Link to Share Your Lunch 2009 Campaign.

Mozilla Encourages Users To Participate in Service Week


Not sure what’s up with Silicon Valley churning out the love these days but here’s Mozilla’s efforts:

This September, Mozilla is challenging users to earn their Internet merit badges by donating their time and talents to public benefit institutions, non-profits, and those in need.

According to an email we received from Mozilla, “Everyone should have the opportunity to know how to use the Internet, have easy access to it, and have a good experience when they’re online. This new initiative is looking for people with a talent for writing, designing, programming, developing, or all-around technical know-how. Internet skills, no matter how novice or advanced, can change people’s lives and make the Web better for everyone.” Mozilla Service Week will take place from September 14-21, 2009.

Goals of the initiative include teaching the elderly how to user the Internet, helping non-profits use the social web and update their databases, installing wireless networks at schools, and working in libraries and community computer centers.

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All For Good: A Craigslist for volunteer services

via TechCrunch:

A coalition of non-profit organizations, technology developers, designers, marketers and others has unveiled the alpha version of a new Web service dubbed All for Good in an effort to build some sort of ‘Craigslist for volunteer services’. The metaphor stands, and not only because Craig Newmark from the popular free classifieds service is one of the backers of the project (Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post is also said to be on board).

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Microsoft Tries Its Hand At Affinity Search Marketing

The Empire State Building Sculpted with Food Cans! The Golden Gate Bridge Sculpted with Food Cans!

Microsoft feeds the hungry if you download and install their browser:

Today, the Internet Explorer Team took over New York City’s Time Warner Center and San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza where local artists used food cans to create sculptures of the Empire State Building in New York and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. After the sculptures are completed, the cans will be donated.

It’s all part of our Browser for the Better campaign. Turns out that during the school year over 17 million U.S. children receive free or reduced-price breakfast and lunches at their schools. But once the school year is ends and summer begins, these children longer receive this benefit as they are no longer in school until the fall. In response, we are joining forces with Feeding America to help these children this summer.

For every completed download of Internet Explorer 8 through the Browser for the Better website, we will donate the financial equivalent of 8 meals to Feeding America’s network of 206 local food banks. These food banks supply food to more than 25 million Americans each year! The Browser for the Better campaign starts today and will run through Aug. 8, 2009.

Other companies have tried a form of affinity search marketing in the past, but now it appears that Microsoft is using it to grow their browser market share, which in turn, increases their search traffic.  Here are a few posts I’ve written on the topic: – A UK-based Charity Search Engine

Yahoo Tries Affinity Search

More Affinity Search From Microsoft: Search And Give

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Renewal2 closes first fund, to focus on companies which have positive environmental, social and financial returns

Richardson, President of Renewal2 Investment Fund, is pleased to announce the first close of the Fund at over $16 million. Renewal2 is one of a handful of funds in North America that focus on companies which have positive environmental, social and financial returns. The Fund builds on 15 years’ experience of high-impact social investing at Renewal Partners where early capital was deployed in leading local companies, such as Happy Planet and SPUD, and North American leaders such as Stonyfield Farms and Seventh Generation.

To download their release, please click here: 2009-05-25 Renewal2 Media Release

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS: 2009 SVN Innovation Awards

After 22 years inspiring a community of 500 entrepreneurs, investors and nonprofit leaders working together to build a more just and sustainable economy, Social Venture Network (SVN) is looking to honor and support the “next generation” of social entrepreneurs with the 2009 SVN Innovation Awards. Winners of the 2009 Awards will be honored during a special ceremony at the 2009 SVN Fall Conference at the Estancia La Jolla this October 22-25, and will also receive a year-long membership in SVN, waived registration and travel and hotel expenses to attend the Fall Conference, waived registration for the 2010 SVN Member Gathering, recognition on SVN’s website for a full year, publicity in other media outlets, and advice and mentoring from members of the SVN community.

To be eligible, applicants must currently hold positions as C-level executives (CEO, President, Executive Director, etc.) at a business or nonprofit having a positive social or environmental impact, and their organization must be less than five years old. The Awards are open to both current SVN members and individuals who aren’t members of SVN.

To learn more about the Awards or to download an application, please visit