The Portfolio Data Management System- A way to track and measure performance of social entrepreneurs

The Portfolio Data Management System (PDMS) will focus on so-called social entrepreneurs, or groups trying to bring about social change while also functioning like a business—in some cases even trying to make money. Some social enterprises are nonprofits, while others seek a return on investment.

The PDMS is to be unveiled at the Clinton Global Initiative Summit.  Link

A Worthy Read: Greed Is Good But Too Greedy Is Bad

Muhammad Yunus:

It’s extreme greed. You misled people into getting involved. It’s irresponsible capitalism.

The article then highlights the most interesting part:

The most interesting part of the event was when Yunus talked to Michael Bishop, who’s co-written an entire book called “Philanthrocapitalism” based on the idea that the profit motive is a really good thing when it comes to philanthropy. He kept on trying to get Yunus to agree to this thesis, and Yunus steadfastly resisted.


Google Launches 10^100 (ten to the 100th)- Submit Your Plan To Win

Google have announce the launch of project 10^100 (ten to the 100th), an innovative scheme designed to inspire and fund the development of ideas that will help to change the world.

Members of the public have until 20th October to submit their ideas by completing a simple form and answering a few short questions about their idea. Entrants can also include a link to a 30 second video either demonstrating their idea in action or giving a more detailed explanation.

Entries will be accepted in 25 languages and Google have placed no limit on the number of ideas any one individual can share


SRI Information and Links

I’ve gotten a lot of requests via email about where to get more information on socially responsible investing (SRI).  Sorry I don’t have enough time to respond to all of you but here are some links:

Center for Responsible Business– Moskowitz Research Program

Under the umbrella of the Center since 2005, Moskowitz Research Program examines the foundations and trends in the socially responsible investing (SRI) industry. The program places the Haas School at the forefront of SRI research and exposes a new generation of students to this critical research area.

HBS Baker Library Research Guide – Social Enterprise, Company Information, and Socially Conscious Investing

HBS Working Knowledge Paper: Social Return on Investment (SROI): Exploring Aspects of Value Creation

Stanford GSB Social Innovation Conferences: Video (scroll down): Value Creation: Moving Beyond Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Enterprise and Other Limiting Mindsets

Stanford Social Innovation Review: Category: Reponsible Investing

Google Invests In Satellites To Help Bridge Digital Divide

This one is filed under digital divide:

O3b’s service should be activated by late 2010 and provide speeds of up to 10G bps (bits per second) to other areas including Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. O3b plans to launch 16 MEO satellites, which can send data anywhere between a 45-degree angle north to a 45-degree angle south of their orbits. The lifespan of a MEO is about 10 years to 15 years.

Link to NY Times.

Social Capital Markets Conference

From psdblog:

From October 13 to 15, representatives from organizations as varied as Citigroup, Kiva, and the Skoll Foundation will be gathering in San Francisco at the Social Capital Markets conference. With the term social capital, the organizers have something in mind rather different from the more typical definition of the norms that helps societies function. Rather, the conference will focus on ways that financial capital can be directed to social purposes.

Be an Acumen Fund Fellow

From the Acumen Fund Fellows Program:

We are excited to announce that the application process for the 2009-2010 class of Acumen Fund Fellows is now open. Applications will be accepted online until noon EST on October 20, 2008. Detailed information about the program and application the process, as well as bios of current and past fellows, can be found on our website. To apply directly, please click here

We are looking for dedicated individuals with the moral imagination, the practical skills and the leadership potential to effect real change. The program thus far has been a resounding success – both for the Fellows and the Acumen Fund enterprises they support. Fellows have called their time with the program a life-changing experience, allowing them to build critical business skills and a better understanding of the challenges involved in serving low-income consumers around the world.

We are also excited to welcome our new class of 2008-2009 Fellows later this month. They will soon join Acumen Fund in New York to begin training and to prepare to support Acumen Fund investments New York and is actively preparing to support Acumen Fund investments. The Fellows have committed to sharing their experiences both from New York and on the ground, so expect to see frequent posts from them on the Acumen Fund website and blog.

If you know exceptional individuals who should be part of our 2009-2010 class, please encourage them to apply.

Latest on Affinity Search Engines: Google pulls the plug on eco-friendly search engine Forestle

From Ars Technica: Google has ended its partnership with “green” search engine Forestle, saying that the site offered “incentives to click artificially on sponsored links.” Forestle says that it is attempting to “clarify” the issue and get the site reactivated, but for now, we’ll all have to put our environmentally-conscious searching on hold.